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 C-Staff Please Read - Profiles

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PostSubject: C-Staff Please Read - Profiles   Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:59 pm

Hello, I am here to ask your DODS Unit to participate in completing a form about your unit for records with the UWFL Realism Community portion of the league that will aim at providing an in depth profile of your unit for unitless DODS players and unit liaisons to gather information quickly.

This form is not any sort of registration, if your unit is wishing to play in any of our leagues and ladders you must go to our main page (http://unitedwarfare.com) and follow appropriate links.

This form (if your unit fills it out) will be placed HERE with other units profiles. Units visiting our Active DODS Database (located HERE) will see a star beside your units name that leads to your profile which is this form completed.

*You do not have to feel out every question in this form, please provide whatever answers you wish.
*When you complete this form, please either post a reply or go HERE to post a new topic titled your units name (saves me some time and will be appreciated).

Thank you for your time


General Information

Name of Unit:
Unit Established on: (Date of creation)
Steam Page:
Misc Sites:

Current CO:
Current Recruiter(s):


Minimum Recruiting Age:
Flexible with anyone under age minimum?: (yes/no)
Do you allow people with VAC ban history: (yes/no)
Minimum Requirements for Enlisting:

New Members start at the rank of:
BCT's Are how long?:
What is graded on at BCT:
Any other Requirements for New Joins:


How many Public Realisms do you hold a week:
How many Official Realisms do you have in a month:
Your Server uses this at default health: (100%/80%/83%/Other)
Your server uses Medic Mod: (yes/no)
Server Rules:
Other Mods/Scripts your server runs:
Are You in any leagues:


Your Units Agenda:
What Courses do your unit offer:
Does your unit reward medals:
How large are your/will your squads/platoons be:
Ideal Unit Size wishing to be:


Communities your unit belongs to:
Allied Units:
Hostile Units:


Do you Restrict Weapons:
Do you have a minimum playing time a week:
LOA Policy:
Do you require your members to use their real last name: (yes/no)


What are your penalties for missing a meeting:
What constitutes a removal from your unit:
When are your Drill/Meeting days and times:
How much do you practice for matches:
How many Page 11's/Demerits/write ups/etc. may a member have before removal:
On a scale of 1-10. rate how serious you think your unit is regarding how you treat your members:
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PostSubject: Re: C-Staff Please Read - Profiles   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:34 pm

Alright well i believe ive done it.
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PostSubject: Re: C-Staff Please Read - Profiles   Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:29 pm

Itll be updated tomorrow I hope. Just been so busy. sorry for the wait
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PostSubject: Re: C-Staff Please Read - Profiles   

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C-Staff Please Read - Profiles
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